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Mike & Alicia Womer were married in 2000 and for the next 12 years ministered to teenagers in Maryland, Texas and Illinois. Together with their 3 children they have seen God do incredible things in their ministry, growing students in every location they went and impacting the very communities in which they lived. They even saw several young people raised up into full time ministry.

Early in 2011, God began to birth a dream in their hearts to plant a church in the Peoria, IL area. This dream has become a reality. Mike and Alicia are still amazed at how the doors of opportunity have presented themselves in the Peoria area. They have a heart to reach families and a desire to work within a diverse demographic. They believe that their years in Maryland, Texas and Illinois have combined to be God's perfect way of preparing them to plant Relevant Faith Church! 

This leads us to the today. Relevant Faith Church is a spirit filled, growing, vibrant, and multi-ethnic church that continually engages in loving and serving the Peoria area. Our passion is to see each person, who calls Relevant Faith Church their home, come to understand that they are fully known by God and loved for who they are! As they walk out their journey of faith they share their beautiful story with those who need to hear it. After all, every person has a story and every story matters.